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Post  Tequila on Mon Nov 22, 2010 2:53 pm

Disclaimer: Courtesy of El Diablo... or rather what's left of it



Always try to stun the enemies at every moment u can.

If you are in the Cata team, make sure you go a few steps ahead n stun the enemies and clear the way for the Cata to go. DO NOT go too far away from Cata.

If you are in the Attacking/Defending team, stun the enemies and KILL enemy EP FIRST b4 goin after other ROBE user (ie.MG,WF) and EA.

DO NOT kill enemy WR unless for backup or no other enemy target. Otherwise just STUN them and let MG/WF/EP/EA KILL those WR.



Always..ALWAYS HEAL your team mates. And you HEAL from the BACK or in the SKY. Best skill to use is the Party Heal.

NEVER ever go ahead of your team, coz the enemy will be targeting YOU first. Stay alive as long as you can, NEVER confront enemy upfront by yourself, help kill enemy as a support.

REMEMBER: essential skills that many ppl overlook - PLUME BARRIER, use it when ppl hitting you



You guys are the killing machine, kill all enemies in sight...and AOE on a pack/group of enemies whenever possible. AIM EP first. Simple.


bounce WEREFOX


ALWAYS DEBUFF the enemy's CATA PULLER, a fully buffed WB is extremely hard to kill so make sure you debuff the CATA PULLER and WR. And AMPLIFY if possible.
Change to Human Form and spam IRONROCK to break their def, MEGALITH to stun, and ENVENOM...and use Petite Sawfly to RIPPING BITE them.

REMEMBER: BRAMBLE ARRAY when WR hit u, most likely they will kill themselves if u have this on. And also DO SOUL SWITCHING when neccessary.



MG are deadly in TW, make sure u kill all especially WB n WR in particular and also EA.

REMEMBER: MOUNTAIN PRESS to stun and HAILSTORM to paralyse, two deadly combo.



WB that is pulling cata always make sure u have all the essential buffs, when enemy debuff u, change form and rebuff yourself. Always hide INSIDE Cata and help hit enemy nearby if needed.

those not pulling cata just help KILL ROBE users. NEVER go hit a WR or EA unless no other option coz u will miss alot.


NEVER HIT the Cata itself, AIM AT the Cata PULLER

Understanding the basic is easy, but during TW it will be a total make sure is TEAMWORK that WINS the war, never a individual. And NOBODY moves alone unless for scout, and PLEASE follow your TEAM CAPTAINS order

TW is FUN, but in any battle there will be pressure & flares BUT NEVER take things personal. WIN or LOSE, you already win in experience!

PS> This is a simple quick guide. Hope it helps


The function of War Tower
Inside the Outer Wall is the Central Building surrounded by 4 Arrow Towers . And behind the Central Building is the Revival Point, flanked by 2 Guard Towers , the Transfer Field, and the Battlefield NPC.

Both bases are connected by 3 roads at their gates, the East, West, and Center Road . There is 1 Arrow Tower per Clan situated along the East and West Roads, and 2 Arrow Tower per Clan along the Center Road . Catapults can only travel inside the Outer Wall of a base, and along these roads.

When viewing the Battlefield Map, Players will be able to see the positions of all ally Players and Catapults, but not the positions of enemy Players and Catapults.

The Arrow Towers
Arrow Towers are the main defensive structures used in the Battlefield Map. Players can build an Arrow Tower in their preset location by going to an Arrow Tower position, clicking on it, and selecting to build any of 3 types of Arrow Towers . Arrow Towers that have been destroyed during the City Battle cannot be rebuilt.Each tower need 100k to build.

There are 28 Arrow Towers located in the Battlefield Map, 14 for each Clan. For each Clan, 4 of Arrow Towers are located inside their base, surrounding the Central Building . 6 are located along the Outer Wall, flanking each gate. And 4 are located along the 3 roads connecting the bases, 1 along the East Road , 1 along the West Road , and 2 along the Center Road .

It is also important to keep in mind that during the 30 second building time of any Arrow Tower , it has only 100,000 Health Points and 0 Defense, making it more vulnerable to being destroyed. It is unadvisable to begin creating an Arrow Tower while there are any opposing players in the vicinity of the Arrow Tower position.

The Catapults
Catapults are the main offensive weapons used in the Battlefield Map and can be found behind the Central Building, in front of the Revival Point. This location also serves as their starting point. They fire automatically at any target in their range, but only attack Arrow Towers , Transfer Columns, and the Central Building , and nothing else.

There are a total of 4 Catapults available to each Clan. Players can operate Catapults by purchasing a Catapult ticket from the Battlefield Vendor for 20k, standing close any of their Catapults, then clicking on the Catapult Ticket. 5 seconds after using the Catapult Ticket, the Catapult it was used on will begin to automatically follow the Player.

Reminders when operating a Catapult

Catapults cannot be targeted, and cannot be destroyed. However, if the Player operating or being followed by the Catapult dies, it will instantly return to its starting point inside the Clan Base. Players will need to purchase another Catapult Ticket to operate it again.
Players operating Catapults will see a Red Symbol appear over their Character's heads. This symbol is visible to friendly and enemy players, making it easy to distinguish any Player operating a Catapult.
The movement speed of a Catapult is only 6 meters per second, and Players operating them must be mindful to not stray too far away from the Catapult following them, or it will instantly return to its starting point once it gets too far away.
The ideal distance for a player to be from the Catapult that is following him is indicated by a marker on the upper left corner of his interface. This marker is only visible to Players that are operating Catapults. Green is for a good distance; gradually turning Red if the distance is becoming bad.
Catapults can only travel inside Bases, and along the 3 Roads connecting both Clan Bases, and will be unable to follow Players that move outside those areas.

The Transfer Field and ColumnsTransfer Fields and Columns are used as a quick means of transportation between Clan Bases and Arrow Tower Positions along the 3 Roads. The Transfer Field is located inside the Clan Base, directly in front of the Revival Point, while 4 Transfer Columns are located beside each Arrow Tower Position located along the 3 Roads in the Battlefield Map.

Players can bind themselves to a Transfer Column, and then use the Transfer Field inside the Clan Base to be automatically transported to the last Transfer Column they saved at. This is usually used upon a Character's death, at which point they return to the Revival Point, and can step into the Transfer Field to quickly teleport to the last Transfer Column they touched.

Once a Player has been teleported, he will need to attune himself again to a Transfer Column before he can use the Transfer Fields again. Also, Transfer Columns can be attacked by Players and Catapults and do not regenerate Health Points. Once destroyed, Transfer Columns can only be rebuilt 5 minutes later.


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