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TW Strategies

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TW Strategies

Post  Camkut on Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:20 am

When we went up against Sanctuary I noticed we were grossly unorganized. So, I am posting in hopes, with good strategy, we can really start taking advantage of our strengths. It may take a few TWs to refine how we will make our plan of attack. This also will vary from TW to TW depending on who we are up against.


First off, lets talk about spies and how we counter act them. Keg allowed himself to be killed above our base. Here he could look and see what was going on. This is bad and detrimental to winning a TW. How do we counter this? It is quite simple. It is not full proof but better than nothing. We log in lower level alts so we can hamper his vision on there screen. We would need about three alts to be effective I believe. 3 posted up some what close to him in hopes to block his view on his or her camera. If they are killed, revive them and post them up again.

Now we need to do the same thing. We need someone to speed fly over the enemies main gate and allow themselves to be killed. From here who ever is designated spy needs to keep our guild informed as to which route the opposite guild is taking.


Seph's teams were ok but we need more diversity in the cata teams. Here is what an ideal cata team should be:
1 WB (at least)
1 EP
2 WR
1 EA (at least)
1 MG
The ones that say at least can be interchangeable. 2 WB are acceptable, but ideally the 2 WR should be stunning the hell out the opposite guild. The MG and EA are interchangeable also but it's either 2 EAs or an EA and a MG.

So here is the other important factor: The Flanking team. Both teams need to leave the base at the same time. The cata team leaves through the gates, but the flanking team leaves by sky over the walls. When the cata team is engaged by the opposite guild the flanking team needs to strike them from the side.

Ideal flanking team:
2 WF or WB
2 EA or WR
2 MG or EP

We will have to refine the teams over time to suit it in a way that plays to our strengths.

One other team I kind of thought of while writing this is a support team.

2 EA
2 EP
2 MG

Another would be an attack support team to roll out with the cata team. But this team would be also responsible for defense of the base when the opposite guild is near. Wait for the order to either sortie or defend. Initiative from this team would also be fine.

2 WR
2 WB
2 WF
2 EA
I know it's eight but a good mix is all I am saying.

Now something I really need to point out here is not to go rushing out into battle. To succeed we need to work as a unit. There fore wait for your team!. Especially the cata and flanking teams. These two groups need to work closely with each other.

Here in my opinion is the ideal teams:

2 catas
2 flanking
1 supporting attack team
1 support

So with this section in mind officers and fellow guild members it is time to put the bug in PW populations ears that we are recruiting for TW.


Now lets get to the meat of this topic


Memorize lane A, B, and C ladies and gents. It will be very important for relaying info to teams and to one another. Also it will help with organization.

Ok, so I mentioned an attack team. This team will be the spear head. Two reasons for this. It will thin the numbers of the opposite guild first of all. Second this team needs to take the brunt of the abuse. This in turn will put them back at the base sooner. In turn if the opposite guild attacks they can take on the dual role of defenders.

Now the spear head team goes out ahead of the cata team. Flank team follows over the walls to the left or right of the cata team and a ways back. Remember the flanking team engages after the cata team is engaged. Then hit the opposite guild from the side. Hopefully we have enough teams that a support team can come in behind the cata team or help with the flanking maneuver.

Now the 2nd cata team follows about 30 seconds after flanking team leaves. Hopefully by this time the Attacking team will be ready to follow suit and help cata team two. With all who are showing up tomorrow I think this will be the best strategies for now. We only have four teams to work with ladies and gents.
Good luck and Gods speed as the saying goes^^. Let's have good communication and fun!

Ok here are the steps of deployment:

1st team out: Attack team
2nd team out: Cata team
3rd team out: Flanking Team
4th team out: Cata team #2

2nd time same as the first xD.

As soon as 2nd cata team is out attack tean assemble and get out as soon as you can.


Cata Team 1

Cata Team 2

Support team
Jin will take 2 EAs and support Cata team 1

Jodgy will take 2 EAs and support Cata team 2

Scouts and support

Further support teams will be built onsite if more people show up.

The 2 Cata teams will roll out in a colum. Team 1 first. Then team two after. Jin's group will roll out with Cata team 1. Jodgy's group with Cata team 2. Star will help support Cata team 2. Tanis will support Cata team 2

Ladies and gentleman, I cannot stress on the importance of waiting for your team to assemble. We are stronger as groups than individuals! If you die WAIT for your whole group to reassemble.
Let's have some fun guys^^

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Re: TW Strategies

Post  Jezebel~ on Sat Oct 09, 2010 9:37 pm

Well I'm no expert on war or tactics but one issue I see is that Cam made up a plan and everyone didn't follow it. When someone is in charge of a TW and they take the time to come up with a strategy for us, we have to follow it, whether we agree with that strategy or not. If we can work as a team following the same plan, we'll stand a much better chance. Please, next time we do TW (if and when we try again), everyone HAS TO support and follow the plan the TW leader has made.

Thanks everyone for your TW efforts so far, and a big thanks to Cam for coming up with the strategies! tksbear

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Re: TW Strategies

Post  =]Jones[= on Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:26 am

I would like to suggest the addition of an "air force" or "striker team," whose sole objective is to attack the opposing crystal incessantly and with no regard to their surroundings. This creates a level of confusion and breaks confidence in the enemy as they struggle to meet the main infantry onslaught and combat the pesky strikers that keep invading their castle walls.

Strikers do not necessarily need to be in a team, do not require buffs, and can heal hp and vig on the flight or dash to the opposing castle. The life expectancy is very low- a striker might deal as few as 10 hits to a crystal before they are seen and killed.

The success of this strategy relies on the number of strikers, the amount of damage they can do in a minimal amount of time, and how fast they can return to the crystal after their death. Insomuch, speed and damage is the key factor. Fast wings are preferred but pet rides are also viable, if not riskier option. For obvious reasons, ranged classes are the most effective strikers.

The battlefield strategy is simple as mentioned: get to the crystal as fast as possible, attack it as much as possible, die, respawn, repeat. Strikers do not stop to help other teams, they don't engage in battle with enemy players, and they don't wait for teammates to regroup or respawn.
In a perfect world, as one striker dies while attacking the crystal, another one (or more) will be arriving to replace them.

Ideally, the nonstop waves of strikers will create the impression of a larger assault on the crystal, causing the enemy to divert their attention and resources to combat the threat. Lessening the number of enemies defending against the true frontal assault, and dividing their forces between land and air serves to create confusion and acts as a force multiplier.


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Re: TW Strategies

Post  Tequila on Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:06 am

he he he... I think its better for us not to confuse ourselves first before we do the Air Raid. Its an old tactic my brother devised 2 years ago called Bunny Run. What a Face

Here's some stuff I ripped from his previous posts for other guilds he was consulting for...
Shhhh.... don't tell him ya... I'll get in Trouble.
I stole this from the Diablo forum with his account

Brief notes:

Party leaders to imform all members in the party about the following 5
simple points:

1. No talking on Guild Chat. GC reserved for Attack Commander Maffy,
Defence Commander diapla and Warmonger Muloch. Unless ABSOLUTELY
necessary, Pt leaders can talk on Guild chat.

2. Talk to teleportation transfer column BEFORE you die. ALWAYS do this.

3. When you die, Revive back at base. DO NOT ASK EP FOR RESS OR HEAL.
Buffers are there only to Buff. If you don't have Heiro/ want to save
pots - realize this: you cannot use any skill for 1 min after you ress/
revive. If you get ressed, you will probably die in 3 seconds. If you
start running to the enemy base after reviving back at base, by the time
you reach the halfway point, you would have recovered 2,000 hp and am
able to use your skills. This saves time while in war to reach your
position you need to be at.

4(a). Before you kill the Cata Driver, KILL THE EP as a team.

4(b). Only attack the Cata Driver if you are non Physical attack. DO NOT
attacking the Cata. Period. To sellect the Cata Driver, HOLD ALT+ LEFT

5. Wait for your team members to regroup before you proceed for the next
wave of attack. Pt Leaders are responsible for determining when to
attack based on instructions by War commanders or personal judgement.
Follow your Leader, TW is a team effort. If you feel otherwise, please
PM Muloch and if you idea makes sense, i'll include it and give you
credit for the idea.

If you are a WB, Chipolo will be briefing your special task are.

Elf Priest
If you are EP, Please see Naoru for briefing on your role as a healer
and/ or supporting EP.

Elf Archers
If you are EA, Contact ~H~. He will tell you how to AOE and where to

Please see lich_king on spearheading the attack.

WF and MG
Read the following by Maffy.

Lastly, Each of us have all invested wat we can in TW every week already. We are
either in it all the way for a win, or we don't bother with TW until we
are ready to go all the way. There's no use wasting resources if we're
going to go half way. WHEN we do this, we do it El Diablo way - All the
Way. No stops, no excuses, no mercy.

Make your decisions count.
Translate your efforts into outcomes.


Lemme know if you want the others

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Re: TW Strategies

Post  efoer on Wed Dec 22, 2010 10:08 am

Strategy Very Happy funny vid too

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Re: TW Strategies

Post  Tequila on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:11 am

Impressive NR!

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Re: TW Strategies

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