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Computer clean up

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Computer clean up

Post  Camkut on Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:05 am

First thing that needs to be done is bring up the command prompt. XP users you need to go to the run function in the start menu and type cmd and click ok. For Vista and 7 users you need to go to the bottom of the start menu and type in cmd. Then click on the icom that says cmd.

Side note: for vista and 7 users if it says you do not have the privileges to run the next command, right click the icon and run as the administrator.

All users need to type in the command chkdsk. When running this function make sure NO applications are running on the PC or laptop. Let it run its course. It is checking for bad sectors on the hard drive.

If it says it has bad sectors on the drive type in chkdsk /f on the command prompt. Now reboot your computer. I would recommend if it doesn't say there are any bad sectors do this step anyway. It is releasing unallocated files.

Click on Start Menu. Click Control Panel. Click on Internet Options. The menu will have a section that says Browsing History. Click the Delete Button. Clear the cookies, browsing history, temp webpages, and temporary files. The others are up to you discretion.

Click on the start menu. Go to All Programs. Click on Accessories. Click on System Tools.

Click on Disk Clean Up. Here, if the computer hasn't been cleaned up in a while, it will take this process could take an hour or two. It will go through the files to find all of them. A menu will pop up. It will have check boxes. Here are the ones you need to check (any not mentioned, do not check):

Downloaded files; temporary internet files; offline webpages; recycle bin; temporary files; compress old files; index files

Now that these are cleaned up it is time to defragment the computer. Click Start Menu. All Programs. Accessories. System Tools. Click on the Defragment Disk. This could be the longest process right here. Once again NO other applications(programs) are to be running. If you have them running you just wasted your time. Run the defrag process.

The clean up is done!
cheers YAY!

So, if you are running an antivirus program already and want to uninstall is how

XP users: Start menu, Control Panel, Add and Remove Programs. Find the program you want to remove and click change or remove.

Vista users: type in the Start Menu: uninstall (program name). It should bring up the file to uninstall the antivirus program

7 users: type in the Start Menu: uninstall. Look for the uninstall program file. Click on it and find the program you want to uninstall.

Now google "Free Malwarebytes". Once it is downloaded run the deep scan. This will be about an hour or two, but it will find worms and rootkits that most antivirus programs will not.

If you guys have anymore questions for me let me know.^^

One more side note. If the chkdsk said you had some bad sectors, your hard drive could be in a failing state. Plus if the computer is running slow it could be a bad hardware component.

Congratulations! You just cleaned your computer like a pro!

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