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Hey! Just wanted to say hi :P

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Hey! Just wanted to say hi :P

Post  Tazmaniak24_6 on Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:44 pm

Well. Not real good at the whole public speaking thing No but just wanted to make a few notes clear, and well, this would be the place to do it. lol! Well, first thing is i would like to not consider this MY guild. It's OURS. Every single member and officer is just as important as the next. I personally only have 2 standards for the guild, and i think everyone can agree with them easily Wink Standards are:
1) Conduct yourself in a kindly, mature manner at all times. TheDivide has a good reputation of being fine people. Let's keep it that way. afro
2) Always make friends and not enemies. Even make friends out of your enemies if possible. Allies are a much more powerful tool than enemies. Besides, who needs the stress? Suspect Please try to remember that EVERY action u make, every word u say is a representation of us as a WHOLE. We are not individuals here, we are TheDivide, always. I wouldn't ask anything of you that i don't ask of myself.
Now, i have 2 Rules and only 2. We are VERY strict about them both :affraid:
1)Absolutely no random pking under any circumstances. You are liable to get kicked for 1st offense. A random pk makes ME and ALL of TheDivide look like low-life's, and i won't let it happen. Period.
2) Have FUN playing the game!!!!!!

I enjoy being there for anyone that needs me at anytime. So please never hesitate to ask. *Disclaimer* Sometimes i may be a bit busy, but im sure i will find time for u soon after the request Wink *Disclaimer* We are a fun group of people always cracking up and joking around (we all a bit nutz if u ask me cyclops ) so please, Enjoy your time in Perfect World and TheDivide. Browse around, post some posts, play some games, whip some ass, take some names (if thats ur thing) and above all else...... Just have fun Razz


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Re: Hey! Just wanted to say hi :P

Post  Jezebel~ on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:19 am

I just wanted to make this visible again. These are the standards this guild was founded on and they continue to be true today. The only addition is:
No racial slurs, and don't insult anyone for having a different lifestyle choice. I've seen some chat where people joke about being gay but - if that is someone's preference, insulting of them for that will not be tolerated. This guild was created for people to hang out and have fun together and that's what we continue to be about.

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