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Beehive guide

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Beehive guide

Post  sky_blade on Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:50 am

Before you even attempt Beehive, make sure you have:
1) At least 20 mirage stones to exchange inside for dice vouchers. You need dice vouchers to pass rooms, and depending on your success at getting through beehive you may need a lot. One of the worst things that can happen is to run out of dice vouchers and be stuck in a room with no way to continue. Some rooms have an NPC that will let you change mirages to dice vouchers, but many don't.
2) Several hundred thousand in gold. Recommend you bring at least 500k with you, as you need to pay 100k or more to pass some rooms. The second worst thing that can happen is to run out of gold and be stuck in a room. However, at least if this does happen, you can have a friend pt you and they can drop and pick up gold so you'll get some and can continue (don't forget to pay your friend back!)
3) Appropriate hieros & pots. Depending on your class you'll need lots of mp &/or hp as you go through beehive. If you run out of pots or hiero in there, there are no npc's to sell you any more.
4) To start, talk to the wolf cub NPC to get a mission emblem, then talk to him a second time to enter beehive room 1. FYI anyone can go into room 1 if you need rebuffs or if you've died and need a new hiero, etc. - but if you go out of beehive you can't attempt to go through again the same day, you can only get 1 mission emblem each day and that's what lets you actually go through the beehive rooms.

*If possible, get buffs before you start, they can really help in some rooms.

Room 1: This is the place you reach upon entering Beehive Adytum.
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Exchanging of the mission emblem for demonic cube. you can only exchange it once per day.
-When you leave the Beehive Adytum, all your dice, strength cards and other cards will be removed from your inventory.

Room 2: Digging of treasure boxes
-Safe zone
-Earth Element
-Dig 5 boxes
-Gets the mission from the NPC and starts digging.
-Ease of mission: Easy

Room 3: Slaughtering Ground
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Kill 5 mobs
-Gets the mission from the NPC and starts killing.
-The mobs will melee you if you are close enough and use magic attack for range attackers.
-Ease of mission: Normal

Room 4: Killing the Moles
-Safe Zone
-Earth element
-Kill 10 mobs
-Gets the mission from the NPC and starts killing.
-The mobs are all [?] level but are relatively easy to kill.
-Slow spawn rate.
-Ease of mission: Easy

Room 5: Counting the Apples
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Count the apples (those balls in the sky) to answer questions
-Ease of Mission: Depends on your ability to count

Room 6: Open sesame
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-The first room without NPC: you’ll only see a mob that does very low damage on you (but it’s got high defense like HH bosses).
-Defense skill does not work at all.
-Once the mob is killed, everyone in the room can talk to the NPC, do it quickly before he disappears and mob respawns.
-If there are many players, it will make this round easier to pass.
-Ease of Mission: Hard. It’s a nightmare for low level players

Room 7: Listening Room:
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-You’ve got to pass through a bunch of mobs
Get the quest from the NPC, then go back to your left, hug the wall on the left side of the room and go directly to the NPC.
-Ease of Mission: Hard

Room 8: Kind or Evil
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Dig 20 boxes
-Have to pay 100k to initiate the mission.
-After finishing the mission you’ll get a box. There are two kinds of cards you might get. Either the villain card which can be NPC’d for 1 gold or the other card which allows you to NPC it at 1mil.

Room 9: Stay alive for 100sec
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Survival game
-If you can hold out for 100sec, you’ll pass the room.
Take the mission from the NPC, then you'll be teleported to the 100 sec room. Once you pass the room you get teleported back to the room where you picked up the mission.
-There will be a mob in the middle of the room that will keep damaging you. It’s got “ignore injury” and “ignore defense” status. The roaming mobs are easy but you can avoid them by just running around the edges of the room if you don't want to engage them.
-If you’re a MG/EP, you can heal yourself to survive this room.
-Ease of mission: Normal

Room 10: (it’s something like “Explosion room”)
-Safe zone
-Earth Element
-You receive a bomb and must reach a certain room to get the NPC there to remove it. If you don't reach the designated room in time you die and go back to room 1.
-Mission succeed after finishing your mission at the NPC in the required room.

Room 11: Bored
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Prison type
-Talk to the NPC to get the mission
-Wait for 3mins but be careful not to get PK’d by anyone.
-Ease of Mission: Easy. Unless you’re being KOS-ed by the whole server

Room 12: Fate Diverge
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Lottery type
-Get the mission from the NPC
-You’ll either get a die that allows you to move forward by 2 rooms or move backwards by 1 room
-Ease of Mission: Easy

Room 13: 6 people working together
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-You either pay money or you party up with 6 people to finish this room.
-If you chose the partying part, you’ll have to kill a monster together to pass the quest.
-Ease of mission: Super Easy, you just party 6 people and you get your dice

Room 14: I don’t want to leave yet
-PK zone
-Earth element
PK room, someone has to die in order for anyone else to move on.
-After someone dies, talk to the NPC fast to pass. If you're too slow the NPC disappears.
-Ease of mission: Depends on how whether or not anyone else comes in the room and your ability to pk.
*20 min limit: if nobody comes in then you can't pass this room.

Room 15: Mystery Envoy
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Time limit of 1min to finish killing as many mobs and pass it to the NPC. If you exceed 1min, the mission will fail.
-Every kill will allow you to get 1 secret token
-Submit the mission after killing 5 of them because the re-spawn time is more than 1min.
-Ease of mission: Depends on the number of players in the room

Room 16: Unite to defeat the devil
-Safe zone
-Kill 1 mob or pay to pass
-Get the mission from the NPC: either
*Mission 1: kill 1 mob (party is allowed)
*Mission 2: pay to leave

Room 17: same as room 8 (dig boxes)

Room 18: Not strong enough
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Need 10 strength cards.
-Either buy it from the furnace at the starting price before you begin this or buy it from the players nearby
-Ease of mission: Easy

Room 19: Happy Robber
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-The only room that doesn’t require you to give dice ticket
-The mission here is to rob the NPC.

Room 20: Fate Diverge
-Same as room 11. but this time you either move forward by 4 or move backward by 2.

Room 21: Monster hunter
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-You have 2mins to kill 2 mobs
-The mobs are hard to kill and they cast the blood sucking skill if you’re range (as usual, melee when in the melee range).
-If you’re really not strong enough, get someone to help out.
-Ease of Mission: Difficult

Room 22: same as room 15

Room 23: Hard to differentiate between the real and the fake
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Kill 1 mob
-There are a few similar looking mobs at a room. You have to kill one of them. If you’re lucky, you get the one that’s got a short live. Else you get one that’s harder to kill.
-Beware of PK

Room 24: trickster box
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-You have to dig a certain amount of boxes and the amount is determined by the previous player who finished the quest already.
-You can choose whether you want the next player to dig 5, 20 or 100 cards

Room 25: Dragon Squad Formation
-PK zone
-Water element
-You have to pass through the land mine to get to the finishing NPC.
-Please prepare yourself with enough dice ticket because the initiating NPC does not allow you to synthesize dice ticket. Neither do they sell it.

Room 26: Controlling life and death
-PK zone
-Earth element
-After taking the mission from the NPC, dig 5boxes to pass the mission
-The only difference when it comes to this digging quest is that there are mobs guarding the box. You can pull the boxes to the corner of the room before going back to dig. Those mobs move really slowly, so you don’t have to afraid of getting hit.
-Beware of PK
Ease of Mission: Easy

Room 27: Real listening room
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Same as room 7
-No selling/synthesizing of dice ticket at the initiating NPC.
-Ease: Difficult

*Tip: it's been said that there are a few paths that work better than others. If you're at the starting NPC and look at the mobs like this:
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
The most likely paths seem to be either 4-4 or 5-4. Take the quest from the NPC, then turn your sound way up. Very slowly go toward the mob you want to try and if you can get very close before you hear anything, that mob is safe, so run to the next mob.

Room 28: Real counting the apples
-Safe zone
-same as 5 but there will be more balls for you to count

*it seems like there's a standard answer somehow. but only for blue and white balls:

For blue balls
1. If you're given the option 13, 14 or 15, the answer is 14.
2. If you're given the option 14, 13 or 12, the answer is 12.
3. If you're given the option 11, 10 or 12, the answer is 12.
4. If you're given the option 09, 14 or 12, the answer is 12.
5. If you're given the option 08, 12 or 11, the answer is 11.
6. If you're given the option 09, 10 or 11, the answer is 11.

For White balls
1. If you're given the option 10, 09 or 11. the answer is 11.
2. If you're given the option 10, 08 or 11, the answer is 10.
3. If you're given the option 10, 08 or 09, the answer is 10.
4. If you're given the option 11, 10 or 09, the answer is 11.

Room 29: Real slaughtering ground
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Harder version of Room3

-Uses blood sucking skill for range attackers and melee for melee attackers.
-Ask for help if it’s too difficult

Room 30: Stay alive for 100sec if you’re a man
-PK zone
-Water element
-Survival game
-Harder version of room 9
-Attack of mob increases
-Ease of mission: Hard

Room 31:
-Same as room 15 and 22
-If you fail to kill the mobs within the time given, you’ll have to start all over again

Room 32: Even more bored
-PK zone
-Water element
-Prison type
-Same as 11, stay there for 5mins

Room 33: Info on monster hunter
-PK zone
-Water element
-Kill 2 mobs in 2min
-Harder version of 21
-If failed to finish in 2mins time you’ll have to restart the whole mission
-Ease of mission: Difficult for non-WF

Room 34: Actually I don’t want to leave yet
-PK zone
-Harder version of Room 14
-Attack from the ball mob gets higher
-Ease of mission: Very difficult

Room 35: Fate Diverge
-PK zone
-Water element
-Lottery type
-Advanced version of Room 20. This time you either move forward by 6 or move backwards by 3.

Room 36: Dig till you cry
-PK zone
-Earth mob
-Dig 10 boxes (the advanced version of Room 2 with PK enabled)

Room 37: Very very lucky
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Pay 200k to pass through. You’ll gain a Daemonic Sundry Parcel that either gives either:
~Dice Voucher - 10 (20%)
~Daemonic Cube Good Card (5%)
~Daemonic Cube Fortune Card (1%)
~Daemonic Omnipotent Card - 2 (14%)
~Mirage stone - 3 (60%)

Room 38: BT version Dragon Squad Formation
-PK zone
-Advanced version of room 25 (the difference is that there are mobs here and they're immune to injuries)
-Strategy: There will be only 5 mobs but they'll 1hit KO anyone even if you're a WB using tortlen. So, here's what you do:
Talk to the npc when the mob isn't nearby. Wait in the corner for mob to pass by, then stick to the wall, going between the bombs - try not to stop until you get to the next corner or mob may see you and kill you. When mob comes by again, wait - then after the mob passes by, continue going along the wall between the land mines and finish the quest. Use speed pots or deity's promenade if you have it, to move quickly. Unless you're in the corner, mob will see you and kill you even if you're up against the wall.
-Sale/synthesize of dice ticket is not available at the initiating NPC.

Room 39: You reap what you sowed
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Advanced version of room 24 but this time the boxes are even further apart and PK is enabled.

Room 40: Good or Bad
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Dig 20boxes
-Gains Platinum Box

Room 41: 3 unite as 1
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Either pay to pass or party to kill mobs.
-Harder version of Room 13

Room 42: same as room 31 (timed quest to kill a certain number of mobs)

Room 43: Unite to defeat the devil
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Kill 1 mob/pay to pass
-Advanced version of Room 16

Room 44: Bomb again
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Advanced version of Room10
-Have to go to room 50 in 10mins to find the NPC to deactivate the bomb.

Room 45: Open sesame
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Advanced version of Room 6
-Lv 100 WR have tried killing that mob for half and hour
-Ease of mission: Very Difficult. Easier for WF of high levels (high level= 100+).

Room 46: Still not strong enough
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-This time you need another Overlord card (in Room 18 you needed strength card).
-Tips: Buy at least 1 of all cards from the starting point before entering (not in current patch yet i think. you can only synthesize this at the furnace and i'm not sure where to get the mats to synthesize it. so far i see that you can only get it from room 37's reward - Daemonic Sundry Parcel. there's 14% chance of getting that. maybe there are other ways, if you know of other ways, feel free to tell me.)

Room 47: Survive for 100sec if you’re a man
-PK zone
-Earth element
-Survival game
-Harder version of Room 30
-The attacks are harder this time
-Ease of mission: Insanely difficult

Room 48: Dig till you cry
-PK zone
-Water element
-Dig 15 boxes for the mission
-Advanced version of Room 36
-Ease of mission: Very Easy

Room 49: Snatch the prize
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Kill as many mobs as you can within 2mins
-Each mob = 5k EXP and 1k SP
-Don’t be too greedy. If you fail to submit the quest within 2mins, you’ll have to restart all over again from Room 1.
-Ease of mission: Very Easy.. can use AOE to kill them

Final destination of fate
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-End point
-Get the reward and go back to the starting point

*Can now go on to additional rooms for possible additional rewards

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rooms 51-60

Post  sky_blade on Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:51 am

Room 51
Got 2 part on this room.
First room are Reqiure to pay 150K and kill 6 of the monsters in 5 minute time.
Second room are reqiure to done it within 5 minute time also. When you get inside this room, there will have a chest board (5 x 5) with diffrent colour. There will have some pillar in between the chest board, just select the colour from the pillar and make sure it is diffrent from other four colour.

Room 52
Kill boss in 12 minute you may give up the mission but will not get the reward. REMEMBER the level and the attack of the boss will increase in each stage. Player please becareful and each boss you kill you may get one bonus card.

Room 53
In this room have three monster and one of it is the mission boss and they are auto attack. Dont try to attack them because is hard to do it just eat or use immune skil, lure them and the ball go inside the goal and they will die if they get inside the goal. After goal you may need to dig a box. Over there have two boxes one is small other one is big but only can dig the big one.

Room 54
This room are reqiure to pay 100k to pass the mission. If you get the jackpot you will have the reward.

Room 55
In this room just get the voucher from the NPC and then get the reward from the other NPC. Reward is random.

Room 56
12 hole
Room for get mission and pass mission: 448,659-----A
Other Room:
448,639-----B, 1st row 1st hole to C, 1st row 3rd hole to D, 2nd row 1st hole to E, 2nd row 3rd hole to A
438,659-----C, 1st row 1st hole to E, 1st row 2nd hole to D, Other no use.
438,649-----D, 1st row 1st hole to C, 1st row 3rd hole to E, other no use
438,639-----E, 1st row 1st hole to C, 1st row 2nd hole to D, 2nd row 2nd hole to B

Room A is for player to get mission and pass mission. After get the mission from Room A, you required help the NPC find one of his brother from five of it. After find his brother and pass the massage to him, player require back to room A to pass the mission. If hard if didnt follow above instruction because got 12 teleport hole that may teleport player to diffrent room. REMEMBER if cant find his brother please do not back to Room A because if you didnt pass the massage to his brother and go back to room A you will been teleport back to Room 1.

Room 57
Same as horse racing, got diffrent colour of ball with diffrent effect when player touch it. player need to find the correct NPC to get mission and pass mission within 5 minute. There have total 4 NPC inside the room.
red colour= minus hp
yellow colour= stun
Green colour= slow

Room 58
In this room player will been given a fate of the gold medal but the mission is require two of it to pass it so player require to PK with other player to get the other The fate of the gold medal from player or just provide 10pcs of Universal Card to pass the misson.

Room 59
Pay for 600k to pass this room to process to room 60 or 200k for other room

Room 60
Room 60 final room for this mission, just pass the mission.

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Re: Beehive guide

Post  Jazzey on Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:28 am

-Bring enough pots
-Get buffed
-Repair you armor before you start (the furnace at the starting point allows you to buy pots/repair
-Buy at least 1 of each cards (strength cards etc) before starting the quest in case you land on rooms that require you to have them.
-And you can only do the mission once everyday.

* Preparation

1. Every player that’s above lv40 can get the mission emblem from the wolf cub at the major cities. With this mission emblem, players can get into the Beehive Adytum via the wolf cub. At the starting point of the Beehive Adytum, players can use the mission emblem to get a quest from the teleporter in Beehive to obtain the cube.

2. Before entering into the Beehive Adytum, players have to bring along the material used for crafting dice tickets- mirage stones. This is because upon entering the Beehive Adytum, you’ll need dice tickets for almost every room. If you do not have enough mirage stones to continue on with the quest while you’re at it, you’ll lose the chance of continuing your quests. If you do not have enough mirage stones, you can choose to purchase the dice tickets from the NPC, but the price is sky-rocketing high (Rainbow’s side note: its 210k in our server I think). 1 mirage stone can craft 2 dice tickets.

3. You’ll receive a certain die to decide on which room you’re going next. (It seems like there will be 2 kind of dice. one of the dice allows you to move forward. For e.g. if you’re in room 8, the die will require you to go to room 9~50. However, if you get another kind of die, you can either move forward or backwards). In order for you to move on to next room, you have to go to your inventory and right click on the die to move on.

4. There are 50 rooms in the Beehive Adytum. If you are lucky enough to not die at all, you’ll still need at least 2 mirage stones to complete the whole Beehive Adytum. Considering the fact that you might get pk’d, bad luck or even mission failure, it’s is recommended if you bring along 20~30mirage stones. It’s also recommended to bring along some money in case you have to purchase something. There are cheap strength cards and other cards for sale at the starting point. Thus, it’s best if you buy 1 or 2 cards and store it in your inventory before you start the quest (in case you get stuck at the card part). The hardest parts in the whole Beehive Adytum are those rooms that require you to survive/kill mobs. Therefore, players should bring along enough HP and MP pots. If you’re not wearing good equipments, get all the buffs you can get. This is because if you die at the last few rooms, you have to restart all over again. If you find it hard to do a certain quest, ask for help from other players. Before starting the quest, check the durability of your equipments. The furnace at the starting point allows you to fix your equipments (it also sell pots too).
5. This point is about penalty. If you use town portal skill at any room, you’ll have to restart all over again. IF you ever die (for whatever reason-pk, mission failure etc.) you’ll have to start all over again, UNLESS you still have the demonic cube with that room number with you (Rainbow's side note: like if you die in room5. after you get back to the starting point the die is still asking you to go to room5, then you don’t have to start all over again. I’ve gotten this before too).
6. When it comes to killing mobs, party members without that quest cannot help by killing the mobs because those that they’ve killed will not be counted. These kinds of rooms are categorized according to levels:
Lv 40-49
Lv 45
Lv 50-59
Lv 55
Lv 60-69
Lv 65
Lv 70-79
Lv 75
Lv 80-89
Lv 85
Lv 90-95

These mobs melee when you’re close to them and uses magic attack if you’re a range attacker.

** Rewards

For lv 90+: around 45W exp and 9W SP)
Lv 80+: 40W exp and 8W SP
Lv 70+: 35W exp and 7W SP
Lv 60+: 30W exp and 6W SP
Lv 50+: 20W exp and 4W SP


+ a box that will give you badge of technique. (Rainbow’s side note: and some kind of material which they claimed is used for crafting high quality equipments. It can only fetch you around 100gold per piece of mats if you NPC it. And let’s not forget about the Chapter of Destiny that comes along with these rewards upon completion if you're lv90+. Thanks luciferhawk373 for stating that it's badge of technique.)

Exchange of tokens @ Mysterious merchant 131, 861 {Thousand Stream City}

Under tab 1

1 Token for 1 dice ticket

Under tab 2

6 Tokens for Molder: Heavenly Soulsupressor
20 Tokens for Molder: WindChaser
4 Tokens for Molder: MysticIron Maulder
10 Tokens for Molder: Immerge DrakeSparrow
18 Tokens for Molder: Pronate Triumph
2 Tokens for Molder: VioletStorm Evilward
50 Tokens for Molder: BloodMalefic Duo Axe (aka XueSha)
22 Tokens for Molder: Prophecy Magesabre
3 Tokens for Molder: Aeolian Scud Slingshot
9 Tokens for Molder: Grand Mammoth PoleAxe
20 Tokens for Molder: Solar Armageddon
6 Tokens for Molder: EclipsoMoon Blade
8 Tokens for Molder: SpiritExtinguisher Glove

Under tab 3

8 Tokens for Molder: Ether Apocalypso Cape
8 Tokens for Molder: Brahma Phleboto Cuisse
25 Tokens for Molder: ThouEido Spirit Acton
6 Tokens for Molder: PirateMonarch Breast Plate
12 Tokens for Molder: Blood Fang's Wristband
10 Tokens for Molder: Cuirass of Sorrow One
55 Tokens for Molder: Wolven Witchlord Cape
8 Tokens for Molder: Skipper's Wristbracer
4 Tokens for Molder: Skipper's Cuisse
20 Tokens for Molder: Pirate's Helmet
24 Tokens for Molder: Dark Chthonic Britches
200 Tokens for Molder: Gauren's Cheif Hide (aka niupi)
2 Tokens for Molder: Dark Chthonic Legharness
25 Tokens for Molder: Enhydrous Nowt's Shell
8 Tokens for Molder: Holy Beast's Cuisse
10 Tokens for Molder: Ashura Legharness

Under tab 4

20 Tokens for Molder: Brahma Phleboto Ring
115 Tokens for Molder: Ether Apocalypso Bijou
5 Tokens for Molder: Thunder Monarch's Sigil
5 Tokens for Molder: Celestial Fox Phylactery
8 Tokens for Molder: DragonShadow Phylactery
130 Tokens for Molder: Demonic Massacre Sash
115 Tokens for Molder: The Ring of LingYun
4 Tokens for Molder: Pirate Monarch Proof
12 Tokens for Molder: SteedPhiz Hierogram
15 Tokens for Molder: The BaneSerpent Sigil
16 Tokens for Molder: Sand Amir's Wrath
6 Tokens for Molder: Thunder Monarch's Sigil

Under tab 5
HH gold mats

45 Tokens for Golden Armor Soul [Material Grade: 80]
40 Tokens for Ancient Snake Spriti [Material Grade: 80]
25 Tokens for Asura Black Pearl [Material Grade: 70]
42 Tokens for Great Ape Glove [Material Grade: 80]
25 Tokens for Archilies Steel Armor [Material Grade: 80]
130 Tokens for Seven Shine's Feel [Material Grade: 90]
42 Tokens for Elf of Seven Shine Strength [Material Grade: 90]
350 Tokens for Ancient Belial's Soul [Material Grade: 90]
80 Tokens for GhostSlave Crust [Material Grade: 90]
130 Tokens for Behemoth Fine Carapace [Material Grade: 90]
84 Tokens for SaintMater Aura [Material Grade: 90]
105 Tokens for Hag Spirit [Material Grade: 99]

(rainbow's note: it seems like you'll still have to pay an amount of money to get your molders. i tried changing for the lv69 light legharness and it cost me 75k)

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Re: Beehive guide

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